ECCO official distributor Wigersma & Sikkema

Wigersma & Sikkema are extremely pleased to announce the assignment of Equipment Controls Company (ECCO) as their official distributor for the PLEXOR® inspection system for the South Eastern part of the USA (Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas).

ECCO is a 50 year old distributor of measurement and control products for natural gas. Their market focus is transmission, gas distribution utilities and the end user.

ECCO has stocking facilities in Atlanta (headquarters) and Houston. Seattle will become their third stocking location in January 2016. Their gas regulators range from ½” thru 10” and up to 1440 psig.

Jeb Bell, president of ECCO, states: “Our initial interest with PLEXOR® was for internal use on several of our low and high pressure test benches. PLEXOR ® will decrease time to test and improve our data capture and analyzation capabilities.

We are excited to offer the PLEXOR ® System to the natural gas transmission and distribution utility markets. As regulations continue to require more traceability of actions and findings, the utility is faced with ever increasing costs, The PLEXOR ® System provides the answer with a time saving quick, accurate and traceable system to test regulator stations.”