PLEXOR on tour in the Northeast USA

During the week of September 26th through 30th, the PLEXOR Inspection System for pressure regulator stations was further introduced to a large number of utility companies in the Northeast United States.

In a joint effort between Mulcare Pipeline Solutions, Inc. and Wigersma & Sikkema, three different cities were visited; Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA, and Sturbridge, MA. During informative Lunch & Learn sessions the Plexor Inspection System was effectively demonstrated using a live test rig and audio visual aids that allowed the end user to truly grasp the power of the Plexor functionality. A large number of customers from various utility companies became very familiar with PLEXOR and offered great feedback. The primary reasons for excitement were PLEXOR’s safety of operation, easy to use, efficient work flow design, operator independent functionality, auditable proof of test results, and clear cut cost savings.

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