System couplings

System couplings (BDA and BMA)

The PLEXOR® test device is connected to a gas station by means of specially developed, safe system couplings. The system couplings consist of two parts. One part is permanently installed on the measuring and test positions on the gas station; the other part is connected to the PLEXOR® test device by means of a flexible stainless steel hose. A union nut facilitates easy and safe connecting and disconnecting. Gas cannot escape during connection and disconnection operations. When disconnecting, the permanently installed system couplings automatically return to the operational position.


  • System couplings for test positions with integrated 3/2 function
  • System couplings for measuring positions
  • System couplings for feeding the PLEXOR® test device
  • Mistakes in the connecting operation are fully impossible
  • Throughput in line for use in combination with the PLEXOR® test device
  • Operating pressures up to 100 bar
  • Made of stainless steel and anodised aluminium
  • DVGW certificate


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