ISC 230B

ISC 230B intrinsically safe mains power supply and signal interface

Design of ISC 230B is specifically for meter set-up with UNIGAS 300. It combines the functionalities of intrinsically safe circuits for LF pulses & serial communication, and explosion safe external power supply for UNIGAS 300. ISC 230B is operated by 230 VAC, but can be supplied by 12 VAC or 12 – 15 VDC as well. Because of this, ISC 230B is ready for use with a solar system.


  • Easy to install and ready for wall mounting
  • Protection class IP65, may be placed outdoors
  • ATEX approved, installation outside the EX-area
  • EX earthing is not necessary due to intrinsic safe circuits
  • Intrinsically safe circuits which enables connection to devices in the EX-area
  • Power supply 230 VAC or 12 VAC or 12 – 15 VDC
  • One serial port for connection to UNIGAS
  • Power supply for UNIGAS 300
  • 3 connectors for modules; pulse out (2 x 2) pulses, RS485, RS232
  • Standard supplied with a local bus for maximum 4 x ISC 230B and 1 UNILOG 300 mains operated, maximum distance 50m


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