SP Powergrid PLEXOR® Contract

Wigersma & Sikkema has won a PLEXOR® Contract from SP Powergrid to supply the Inspection System for their gas distribution network

After extensive and thorough evaluations, Wigersma & Sikkema has won a contract from SP Powergrid to do functional and visual inspection of their gas network with PLEXOR®. Main reasons to decide for PLEXOR® are: uniformity and digitization of inspection procedures, operator independent and paperless way-of-working, short ROI period, and visualization of the inspection results allowing for optimization of Condition Based Maintenance. SP Powergrids’ decision followed upon a successful live demonstration of the PLEXOR® inspection system on one of their pressure regulating stations.

SP Powergrid will start with using PLEXOR® in stand-alone mode and on specific stations, with more stations to be added in the future.

Local support will be given by our Singapore distributor Consen International Operations Pte. Ltd.

Singapore Power foto1
Live PLEXOR® demonstration at SP Powergrid